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G-40 Patriotic Youth Alliance Appoint Isah Abubakar As National Coordinator

As the G-40 Patriotic Youth Alliance (PYA) inaugurated its board members, comrade Isah Abubakar emerged as the national coordinator of the organization.

While he and other members emerged, Isah Abubakar thanked the delegates, states, and local government coordinators during his acceptance speech.

The acceptance speech reads

It is with deep sense of responsibility, humility, and thanks to God almighty that I accept my nomination to serve as National Coordinator of the G-40 Patriotic Youth Alliance (PYA). The burden that accompanies this mandate is much and I feel unworthy to actualize the mandate, however, turning back to see the arrays of my teammates with whom we will work together to get it done. I’m confident of their track record and verse experience in liberation struggles.

My special thanks goes to our leader and vision pioneer, Honourable Jude Imagwe, an erstwhile President of the National Association of Nigerian Students, the largest student movement in black race, and also, Special Assistant on Youths and Students Matters to President Goodluck Jonathan. 

Beloved Nigerians, the birth of the G-40 Patriotic Youth Alliance is a result of the gradual descend of our country to the lowest ebb since we gain independence from our colonial masters. Our roads are longer accessible, rural dwellers can no longer access their farms due to the activities of criminals who are reigning supreme in our forests which ought to be blessing. Our younger ones in Public Universities and Colleges of Education are home due to strikes by the respective unions of the various institutions, all as a result of poor funding by the central government. We are currently ranked as the poorest nation in the world, despite the abundant blessings of both natural and human resources.

Our Alliance is aimed at changing the above-mentioned but not exhaustive negative indices through active participation in all political, apolitical, and humanitarian activities to ensure that our country and people regain their rightful place among committee of nations.

I’m conscious of the fact that movements such as this will encounter violent resistant by people who are benefitting from the status quo that has impoverished Nigerians. I want to assure Nigerian Youths that if paying the supreme is what is required to set our country free from the agents of retrogression, as your leader in this noble mission, I shall first submit myself to it before you do so. We all must be prepared to chase these elements out of our national life so as to bequeath a prosperous nation to generations yet unborn.

Lastly, we are all aware that the National Assembly did marvelously well in the latest electoral act that is in operation in our country. Even though politicians have resorted to vote-buying, the recently concluded Ekiti State Gubernatorial election didn’t record the incidence of vote ballot box snatching and needless intimidation, the implication of this is that power has been returned to the thumb of Nigerians with Permanent Voters Card. I, therefore, wish to call on those without the card who are up to the legally recognized voting age to visit the nearest INEC Offices to their houses to get registered and await further instruction from us.

Thank you and God bless.

Comrade Isah ABUBAKAR

National Coordinator, 

G-40 Patriotic Youth Alliance

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