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2022 Eid-El Kabir celebration. Nigerian Pastor Mobilises 100 scholars to Advocates Reduction In Prices Of Rams and other animals for sallah festivities .

Ahead of the 2022 Eid-El Kabiru celebration, Pastor Yohanna Buru,the general over seer of Christ evangelical and life intervention ministry southern kaduna North western Nigeria has plan to  embarked on touring some rams -selling points across the region with other top Muslims imams ,and preachers ,to prevail on the sellers to reduce the price of the animals.

He said the aim of the visiing all the Ram selling points was to appeal to sellers to crash-down the prices of rams and other animals, to enable Muslims buy same to slaughter for Sallah celebrations

He makes the called during a media chat in kaduna  ,adding that they have mobilizes over 100 Muslims imams, Alaramma, and Council of Muslim preachers across the region to equally embarked on ceaseless campaign toward appealing to sellers to slashed down the Ram prices,as sallah is around the corner. 


According to the Man of God it became mandatory for Christians clergy to equally support muslims through calling on Ram sellers to bring down the price of Ram during the sallah festivity.

He said the high cost of foodstuffs in the market amidst increase banditry,kidnapping, killing terrorism and Corona virus pendemic has become a big problems that is effecting every family in Nigeria.

He said every year, he used to visit Ram market when sallah approaches, and this is the 5th time,that he is planning going to marketers to begged them to Slashed-down  prices of Rams for poor Muslims to afford buying them for the festivities. 

Buru stressed that ,they would equally mobilized over 100 muslims and Christians schorlars to visit Ram markets ACross the 19 northern states, so as to beg sellers to reduce the price of Rams and other animals for sallah festivities. 

While wishing muslims all over the world happy sallah in advance, he equally urged muslims to support the needy IDPs,widows ,destitutes and orphans with some food and other items ,for them to celebrate the sallah with joy and happiness like every other muslims.

As usual, The church used to cook food to hundreds of poor Muslims every year , this year also, the church would cook food for Muslims widows and orphans with less privileged in the society , so as to support them celebrate sallah with joy and happiness like every other Muslim in this planet. 

It could be recalled that during Ramadan season, every year pastor yohanna Buru usually mobilises 50 muslims and Christians scholar to visit the norherhn Nigerian markets with the aims of calling marketers to cut -down price of good and service  with the sole aims of making the poor Muslims accessing food stuff at affordable prices throughout the day 30 days of the holy month of Ramadan. 

Additionally ,every year, pastor yohanna buru usually bail out Muslims prisoners in large number to enable them participants in the 30 days of Ramadan prayers and fasting with friends and family at home so as to boost Christian and Muslims relationship in the country 

Buru ended by saying the church cannot forget to annual contribution of hajiya ramatu Tijjani for helping the poor Christians widows and orphans during Christmas and Easter celebration with plenty bags of grains and other food stuff that she usually bring to the church. 

Responding, also mallan gumbo abdullahi, one of the Muslim leader at barnawa kaduna says every year Team of Muslim and Christians use to visit Ram market to appealed for crashed in the prices of animals for sallah festivities 

Eid-il-Adha, simply eid il kabir is the ritual of animal sacrifice ,has remained a means of attaining nearness to Almighty Allah. It is a sacrifice that Muslims offer with fervour and enthusiasm on the 10th of Zhul-Hijjah. Its import and essence is to show taqwa, piety to the Creator; it also serves the purpose of sadaqah because the meat of the animal is distributed for eating freely.

Gumbo said, they use to visit  Zango Ram sallers- market and many other places across the state while begging them on the importance of reducing the prices to enable Muslims afford buying a a cheaper price 

He thanks pastor yohanna buru for the initiative while calling on other Muslim scholars to equally joined the campaign .

He said, its surprising that it is Christian scholars that are coming to beg us to crash down price of Rams and other animals while there are big Islamic scholars that deserved to do that

In a nutshell, it must be recalled that The slaughtering of ram is a practice among the Muslim faithful during the period known as the “festival of sacrifice.”

Animal sacrifice for Eid-il-Adha is performed on the first day of ‘Eid, 10th of Dhul-Hijjah and on the days of Tashreeq, i.e. 11th, 12th and 13th of Dhul-Hijjah. Any of these days is allowed for sacrifice. The sacrifice is to be performed every year.

He then called on Muslims across the 19 northern states to remember widows and orphans as they shared their Ram meat


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