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Polytechnic Research, Development Funding Can Help – Prof. Bugaje

The executive secretary of the National Board for Technical Education, Prof. Idris Mohammed Bugaje, has explained that funding polytechnic education can give a sense of reason and development in the country.

Prof. Idris Bugaje, revealed this to journalists in an interview after the commissioning of the NBTE research development and innovation exhibition hall in Kaduna.

It can really have an impact on the Nigerian economy, especially if the Nigerian system can recognise polytechnics.

The point we are raising is that the world should value and Nigeria should value the polytechnics in research and development and give us more funding. We should also collaborate with the private sector because the door will be opened so that the private sector can come to the NBTE and join hands together with the intention of taking vocational education to the next level.

“We are going to see what polytechnics are able to produce. That is why we set up and commissioned this Innovation Exhibition hall with the intention of updating and upgrading it every year with what is coming out of our polytechnics, so that they can give a profer place.”

Bugaje further said that other relevant stakeholders can come to NBTE and see what polytechnics are able to produce.

In this regard, we are appealing to the government and private sectors that we have a workable system on innovations. Let’s come together with polytechnics and work together to move our country forward. The issue of funding is now resolved. We are inviting the Dangote group, BUA, private companies all over the country, and several others to come to our own inventions, not importation from some where. We will even be making foreign exchange for the nation because the more we commercialise our products.

For example, the 3D printer that we are bringing from outside Nigeria, “we are doing it in Kaduna Polytechnic even though the dimension may look smaller, but it has the capacity to expand it to bigger for a large scale three-dimensional product. We can even build houses with 3D printers. We just put the memory of the 3D printer and it can build the house for you. That is why we are appealing to all private sector to collaborate with Kaduna Polytechnic for

In some countries like Corea, there are LG products and in China, there is Samsung. They are all being used all over the world. Go to Germany, there they have Mesdes together with several others.

Then what is Nigeria’s contribution to the global village? So these are the products that we can develop further because the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, so we have confidence in our polytechnics.

In the exhibition hall, there are some products that were produced in Nigeria by Kaduna, Auchi, Delta, Mubi, Kwara, and Ibadan polytechnics.

And some of the products include 3D printers, rice husk gasifire stoves, protective helmets from waste cow horn fibre, chicken de-feathering machines, serpentine solar water heaters, and several others that we counted in the exhibition hall. There are 19 made in Nigeria products in total.

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