it is the norm, just a few months to the general elections on which the faith of producing the next president, and of course another set of new leaders is placed upon us, the drums of campaigns shall be beating to make the biggest music. Another election season and the whole country turns into an atmosphere of advertisment for different candidates from different political parties.

Fellow compatriots, for a better choice of a new leader, we need to trace back and understand our root as a country in other to avoid repeating mistakes made in the past.

At the point of exit for the colonial masters, the Sovereign entity known as Nigeria was placed into the hands of our founding fathers. The very hard working civilians who fought to globally move the country forward, having it placed in organisations like the common wealth. A few years later, these founding fathers were ousted in a bloody military coup that caused the lives of so many, including some of the founding fathers on the bases of corruption, inequality in distribution of resources, and suffering of the masses. The military had their run, from one coup to another, but the status quo never got better.

The Shehu Shagari’s administration was a civilian regime that came in between military coups, probably the reason why he was himself thrown out of office by the same officers on similar accounts of corruption and suffering of the masses.

After the death of the former head of state Gen. Sani Abacha, we finally had the most peaceful transition of power that saw the return of democracy led by Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar, a transition that will turn out to be Nigeria’s longest shot at democracy to date since its independence.

It was expected that things will get better, Nigeria was set to thrive on a peaceful ground, a safe breathing atmosphere with a lot of opportunities, promises and hopes for not only it’s masses but those of other African countries.

Unfortunately, Nigeria is still enslaved in the shackles of corruption, poor living condition for its masses, even faced with new set of challenges that were not found previously. What could be the problem? what have we done? where have we gotten it wrong? or are we just cursed like many Nigerians insinuate?

None of these things are true or even real. The truth of the matter is we lack in our previous leaders is a very important element that is key to the success of individuals amounting all together to the success of any nation that is keen to succeed which is ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Marrying leadership with entrepreneurship has been established as idiosyncratic, thus laying a solid foundation of competency, vision, skills for firm and effective leadership. The knowledge and experience an entrepreneur acquires from business exposes him to noting how government affects the private sector, which is the power source of economic growth that propels improvements in living standards of citizens.

A country like Nigeria that has great and intelligent minds with positive reputations all over the world, the likes of Mrs Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Mrs Ibukun Awosika, Mr Bode Augusto, Mr Segun Agbaje, Mr Fola Adeola, Alhaji Tunde Folawiyo, Mr Atedo Peterside, Mr Kola Adesina, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Mr Femi Otedola, Mr Mike Adenuga, Mr Akinwumi Adesina, Mr Herbert Wigwe and Mr Aig Imoukhuede who are boardroom Czars with a vast wealth of knowledge on entrepreneurship, why let Nigeria be run by others who lack such knowledge.

An entrepreneur that can grow wealth, bear risk in such conditions found in Nigeria surely is suited to better the fortunes too of the nation.

Nigeria will flourish under such a person, our economy will grow as he or she, is already an employer of labour, and will create employment on a level playing ground for businesses to grow.

The presence of entrepreneurs in politics will serve as mediators between individuals with economic ideas and the body of Government responsible for making and implementing such policies to have a harmonious outcome pushing the country further economically.

Dear Nigerians, please this time around let it not be about rice, spaghetti, detergents, wrapper, or mere 1 thousand or 2 thousand handed out to you. The right person will make it possible for you to earn more than enough to buy these things, and much more, but also the sense of pride and dignity for being able to stand on your own and provide for yourself and your d family.

Let it not be empty promises or the usual polarisation along religious and ethnic lines. Hunger and poverty know not your tribe or faith. Let’s give the private sector and those that have shown trucapacityty to build something sustainable, that has impacted lives and communities a try.

Let your voice and vote speak about concerns for the economy, because to have a permanent solution to the economic, security and political crises of this country, we must produce a candidate who ha,s rich knowledge of entrepreneurship, greatly endowed with practical knowledge of the economy as equality begins with economic empowerment.

We are calling and pleading with the successful private sector players to join the 2023 presidential race, they need to stand up and be counted. Nigeria has given you much, we ask now that you come and be the stewards of our nation, not just a business. Come and rescue Nigeria from the shackle of poor leadership.

Mohammed Salihu Danlami
Speaker Arewa Youth Assembly

Hon. Desmond Minakaro
National Clerk
Arewa Youth Assembly

27th January 2022

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